Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Goodbye winter, hello spring - and hello spring cleaning! It is customary to many people in Mechanicsburg, PA that when spring comes, it is time to throw away the clutter and start anew. However, when it comes to spring cleaning, most people limit themselves to cleaning only their house, when in fact their cars need to be cleaned thoroughly too.

During the winter season, layers of salt are applied to the road in order to clear ice. Unfortunately, road salts are known to facilitate premature rusting - bad news for car owners! Additionally, the icy weather affects the pressure and condition of tires, which eventually leads to premature wear and tear and worsens their handling.

So when the sun is up, gather your supplies and do the following to ensure that your car recuperates from the cold weather and is able to perform to its maximum.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 01 Holding Engine Air Filter
Cleaning the Engine Air Filter
The air filter is responsible for filtering the air that goes to the engine. During the wintertime, there’s a tendency for sludge, moisture, and dirt to accumulate. So, it’s a good idea to inspect the engine air filter once the seasons change. If it needs to be replaced, replace it as soon as possible.
Check Wheel Alignment
Potholes and railroads near Mechanicsburg, PA often get covered with snow during the winter, so there's a high chance you won’t see it until you pass through it. Hitting hard bumps like this can make your car tires misalign which could eventually lead to much bigger damage. Even if you do not necessarily feel a pull to one side or the other, you should have your wheel alignment checked.
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 02 Detail Close up of Car Wheel
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 03 Rolling New Tire with Two Hands
Change your Tires
Winter tires were made specifically for the winter road conditions of Mechanicsburg, PA. If you do not want to cause irreversible damage on your vehicle, get rid of the winter tires as soon as the winter season is over. For warmer months of the year, all-season tires should be used.
Clean your Car's Exterior
Road salt, grime, mud, and dust stick to your car’s exterior, wreaking havoc on your paint job & the appearance of your vehicle. While we know washing your car isn’t much fun in the cold, it can actually be the perfect activity for the warm first days of Spring! So choose a day that you can soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy some fresh air to wash your car. Or, if you don’t have time or motivation, you can simply take it to a car wash service near Mechanicsburg, PA. Don’t forget to have it waxed to ensure it stays cleaner, longer!
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 03 Wiping Down Car's Exterior
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 05 Wiping down interior of Car Door
Clean your Car's Interior
It is all about the details! Wipe away the dust on your dashboard, vacuum the floor, and power wash the mats. No need to buy overpriced cleaning products - when it comes to detailing the interior, a microfiber cloth and a little bit of oil can do the trick. Not only will the interior be squeaky clean, but it will also smell nice. A toothbrush or toothpick can also come handy when cleaning the small crevices of your car.
Clean Out Your Trunk
Your trunk is the main storage place of your car. Clean out and remove unnecessary things from the trunk that have accumulated over winter, like your ice scraper, and vacuum the carpeting to remove dirt and dust. Only leave important stuff in your trunk - the lighter the load of your car, the more fuel-efficient it becomes!
Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car at Bobby Rahal Acura | 06 Car Trunk with Backpack

At Bobby Rahal Acura, we know that proper car care and maintenance are important to preserving the life of your vehicle. If you follow these car cleaning tips, your car will look and feel just as new as the day you bought it. Share this article with someone who could use some Spring Cleaning tips! Schedule a service appointment online at Bobby Rahal Acura today! Or, you can contact us if you have any questions.